experimental weapons program


Crack Quack

An angsty, aggressive and utterly brutal duckling. Confined in an urban dungeon that’s home to the BallisticFreaks experimental weapons program, he’s one of the first subjects the company had gotten their hands on. Being subjected to copious amounts of stimulants like cocaine, amphetamine and even regular coffee Quack had resulted in becoming an overly-zealous and aggressive killing machine. With a penchant for violence and no feelings of regret or remorse Quack is only interested in one thing: destroying everything and everyone that crosses his path.

Psycho Pat

Second off in the BallisticFreaks experimental weapons program, Pat is a bit of an oddball: seeing an advertisement to participate in a paid breakthrough science experiment he signed up thinking it would alleviate his money troubles, but how wrong he was. Pat was subjected to rigorous mental and physical torture, copious amounts of hallucinogens and much much more. His mind and soul were broken, left as husks of their former selves. Pat is now completely deranged and bereft of the feeling of pity, guilt or remorse.

Reactive Rev

Another addition to the Ballistic Freaks roster, Reactive Rev is a bit of an oddity: there was no torture, no substances involved. The way he ended up in the program is just by being what he is: fearless. Not in the sense of being brave or courageous, but in the sense that he literally has no fear response: no flight, only fight. He was taken by the organization due to this fact alone and later on he was put through rigorous weapons training courses, tactical assessments and the like. Slowly becoming a stand-out performer amongst his peers. It is yet to be seen if the fact that he isn’t broken like the rest won’t come back to haunt the organization later.

Whacky Hoo

Hoo's ties to the organization are far more than meets the eye. Working as a henchman for the organization Hoo was their top performer: never failing a task that was given to him, never disappointing his superiors. He was placed there for a simple job of maintaining order, acting somewhat as an inside man and informer for the organization to overlook the test subjects. Little is known about him or his personality as he has been a part of the organization for the entirety of his life, not ending up there by some freak accident. Now he does his duties by surveying the gang from inside to subdue any possibility of a rebellion or attempt to escape, while especially keeping an eye on Rev.


The Plan

The BallisticFreaks experimental weapons program and it’s creators are veiled in shadows and mystery. An organization with an esoteric agenda made up of some of the world’s most elite and wealthy individuals with no loyalties to anyone or anything. They are solely devoted to pushing the boundaries of ethics, morality and physiology by putting their test subjects through heinous experiments that strain them mentally and physically, bringing them to a breaking point. All of that just to see what becomes of their subjects at the end.















Solidity developer,

Game developer,


Digital painter,
Game design

Sound design


Digital painter,
Character design


Who are you?

We are a small team with big dreams to create a fast-paced PvP game with bets & epic Playable NFT characters. Our goal is to make the best experience possible for new freaks that join our journey.

Whats coming?

We will have 10,000 NFT characters (4 characters with 2,500 variations) on Ethereum blockchain and a competitive PvP game on Polygon network (might even add more chains in the near future) where you will be able to test your mad gamer skills and put crypto on the line. NFTs supply will be locked at 2,000 until we release fully playable game. Early 2k NFT investors will receive airdrops of game loot boxes & keys to cover the price difference after full supply unlock.

What type of game?

It will be a 2D PvP platformer. Your goal: be the last man standing. You will start with just a pistol, but every few seconds an airdrop will appear - giving you a huge advantage in fire power. You will be able to play with a party of up to 4 people. You will also be able to place bets on your matches adding an extra layer of competition to the game.

What are the bonuses for NFT holders?

Besides the epic playable character our holders will be rewarded in numerous ways throughout our journey. You will get a chance to test the game first! Also, only NFT holders will be able to participate in game challenges & get post-game loot drops.
Early 2,000 NFT holders will receive free airdrops of in-game items

Any sneak peaks?

It's an early stage for us, but we are frequently updating you with our progress on Discord & Twitter.

How much will minting cost?

Our NFT will cost 0.05 ETH to mint

Contact us



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Note: Referral code will be tied to the wallet used to create it. After every successful mint, your wallet will automatically receive 20% of mints value

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0.02 ETH

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