Elementor #2076

Decouple your code with this one trick! While this applies to javascript, most languages have their own equivalents. Don’t you love when you need to inject that reference to  a random object, that that you want to to notify? And then you change something in the implementation and all hell breaks loose because another file […]

How to get started with NFTs

If you are reading this, you probably heard about NFTs – non-fundible tokens. If you haven’t, here’s a quick summary of what we are dealing with: An NFT is a unique token living on a blockchain that represents some sort of data. It could be image, video, code – pretty much anything. Because this token […]

Why we chose not to use a game engine to build NFT game?

In game developing choosing to use a game engine like Unity might sound like a no-brainer. Do you really have time and willingness to make something that’s already there? But we chose not to go traditional route and make everything our own! So you want to develop a multiplayer NFT game? Developing any product requires […]

How to fix WEB3 metamask gas suggestion not working

Metamask gas suggestion not working for your Web3.js contract interface? Here’s how to fix it! What’s happening here, why is metamask gas suggestion ignored? We ran into an issue, where mint transactions would fail. This can be solved via increasing gas amount for minting. The problem is that an average user cannot be asked to […]

How to bridge from BSC to Polygon

  So you found out about Polygon network. Maybe saw some cool project building on there, but how are you supposed to use Polygon it’s not on your MetaMask wallet? Lucky for you, I have a simple 5 step tutorial on how to bridge from BSC to MATIC using MetaMask. MetaMask You should have a MetaMask […]

How to bridge from Ethereum to Polygon

  Imagine you had to pay $20 and wait over 30s for every single game you play. Wouldn’t be that fun -especially if you lost! This is exactly how gaming on Ethereum network looks like. While it does provide best security, it does not shine in cost and speed.     This is where Polygon comes in. […]

How to check if NFT project is not a rugpull

NFT field is full of fake numbers and projects whose goal is just to get as much money from you as possible. It can be a huge headache trying to differentiate legit projects from lies, especially if you’re new… Here are few most common ways to spot cash grab NFT project: Project has bought followers […]



Create a code for your friends to use and get back 10% of every successful transaction that used your code. Same code can be used multiple times!

Code already taken!

Note: Referral code will be tied to the wallet used to create it. After every successful mint, your wallet will automatically receive 20% of mints value

code creation fee:

0.02 ETH

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