Why are we using Polygon? Well, because we are a game!
And all games should be built for performance.

   Now imagine you had to pay $20 and wait over 30s for every single game you play. Wouldn’t be that fun -especially if you lost! This is exactly how gaming on Ethereum network looks like. While it does provide best security, it does not shine in cost and speed. 
   This is where Polygon comes in. It solves Ethereums problem of having too slow and too costly network while still being under Ethereums security. Transactions cost less than a penny & are way faster to transact. 
   The only problem – not easy to transfer over. B8t I am here to make this as simple to understand as I can.

Let's begin by choosing where to transfer from



Create a code for your friends to use and get back 10% of every successful transaction that used your code. Same code can be used multiple times!

Code already taken!

Note: Referral code will be tied to the wallet used to create it. After every successful mint, your wallet will automatically receive 20% of mints value

code creation fee:

0.02 ETH

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